Math and English Academies

Math Academy

The Math Academy is a remote-learning support program that helps prepare you for your first required math course in the upcoming fall semester. The Math Academy works with you at your current math level, based on your ALEKS math placement results, in a self-paced environment with accompanying course materials.

You will develop study skills to help you learn mathematics in all forms of course delivery. The Academy will also help prepare you to successfully complete the math courses required in your academic program.

Classes will be taught by Penn State faculty and offered daily through remote learning. Tutoring and mentoring will be available. If you make significant progress during the summer, you can retake the ALEKS placement exam and place into higher courses or take a course for credit by exam.

If you have placed in calculus or higher, you do not need to participate in the Math Academy but you could choose to help tutor other students (paid tutoring positions are available).

English Academy

The English Academy is designed to strengthen your reading and writing skills and to show how you will be expected to use those skills throughout your time at Penn State. The goals of the program include helping you to improve your writing skills and develop an understanding of language mechanics and sentence structure. The content will help prepare you for all of your college coursework. The Academy can benefit everyone and is flexible to meet individual student needs.

English Academy objectives:

  • Enhance critical reading skills such as comprehension, retaining information, and analyzing bodies of text
  • Provide an understanding of the best reading strategies for print and screen-based texts
  • Improve and enhance written communication skills in academic and other contexts used in a university setting (e.g. email, chat rooms, etc.)
  • Enable students to grasp the inferred meanings of sentences, paragraphs, and longer compositions
  • Expand oral communication skills and abilities through collaboration and group discussions
  • Develop and enhance information literacy including best practices for internet-based research, use of library databases, and access to other University-wide tools
  • Introduce software and computer apps that will enhance communication and composition skills